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We are a digital agency with a huge base of skills built by many years and many clients. We went through different challenges, have worked with interesting clients and clients which are less interesting, however, we have been pleased every time to do what we love!

The Three Key

You are the one we want to please in the first place. This is the reason why we schedule regular calls and meetings in order to understand your needs, discuss the ideas, and validate the correctness of designed solutions. You will always hear from us!

As long as it is possible, we try to have the same people dedicated to your projects. We believe that by doing so, we can be more effective and can also strengthen human relationships between people who work together.

In case there is a necessity for the new office to be open near our customers, we always choose this option. Do you ask why? Because it supports our first and second pillar and makes it easier for you to be in touch with us.

We transfer your needs into desired results and happiness!

About us

“Acceptable” is not an option for us. We truly strive for “the best”! This is the reason why we try to hire the best people in technology, marketing, data analysis and personal relationships. You cannot be best if you are satisfied with mediocrity. This is the reason why we dispose of people with PhD. or various industry awards - to transfer your needs into desired results and happiness. Why happiness? It is always great to reach your destination. However, what makes it count is you enjoying the ride. We believe we are the right companions for this journey. Let us convince you!


Alright sometimes we were lucky, but have to admit we do our best for our clients so we can proudly present our achievements.

Chivas Venture
2018 finalist

Every year, the Chivas Venture supports social entrepreneurs, who blend profit with purpose to have a positive impact on the world.

Entrepreneurial Idea
of the Year 2014

With our application, we got into the finals and ranked among TOP 3 mobile applications.


We ranked 2nd in the category Non-branded apps, 3rd in the category Tablet apps, and 3rd in the category Best App Developer of the Year.

Creative Business
Cup 2016

We ranked among TOP 3 best projects in ACE Creative Bootcamp (Slovak national round) that is a part of the national competition Creative Business Cup.

Our Partners