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Two-sided marketplace

with fresh products from local farmers


Our team designed the business model and customer lifecycle for both farmer and buyer of the products. We also planned the whole marketing strategy separated to teasing phase and launch phase. We provided creatives and media plans for the highest effectiveness possible.

Out of home formats

Despite digital being emphasized, we know that offline channels support the overall effectiveness of the campaign. We chose the appropriate formats and place them in proper locations in order to achieve high reach for the target audience.

End-to-end online

As the marketplace is an online product, it was necessary to provide a seamless experience to its users. We designed the proper flow on the website and executed campaigns on Facebook and Google with a particular goal - to acquire active users for the marketplace.

Analytics as
a way to continuous improvement

We love to measure the effect of our activities. We set the measurement strategy that helped us improve the performance of the creative, channel or website almost in real time. Based on the insights gained from analytics, we were able to conduct various experiments that helped us boost the overall conversion rate of our efforts.