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Drive Log is a mobile app that records a car’s business routes in order to apply eligible expenditure to lower taxes.

The whole app and administration are developed by Elliate mobile app development team.

Used Tech

.NET, Xamarin, XAML, AngularJS

Team allocation

7 people

RoomAssistant is a hotel mobile application that creates a new digital communication channel between hotels guests and hotels themself. Guests within the app are able to order in-room dinner, reserve a massage or find out more about the hotel’s surroundings.

We are a proud partner of RoomAssistant. Almost the whole development of this interesting and really helpful app was on us.

Tech used

Laravel PHP, Ionic, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JS

Team allocation

9 people

This tasty project for Tasty Burger was an ordering mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. It is connected directly to the company’s ordering system over the bridge developed by us as well.

Used tech:

Android, iOS (C#), Xamarin, .NET, XAML

Team allocation

7 people